Episode 5 – Four Tips Making My Mom-Freelance Life Much More Easy

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Anyone working from home has to face some challenges especially, women (Sorry guys). The freelance life isn’t always easy. This episode will help your Freelance Moms (and Dads) who are working at home.

4 Tips to Make Your Freelance Life Easy

Make a plan for your daily meal at home. A freelance mom has to maintain their life between office work and housework. In the house work, meals are an important discussion. So make a plan on which day which item is going to be cooked and write that plan or email that plan to the whole family, so everyone can know the meal schedule. Outsource your groceries because it will save you money and time too. That time you can use for any other purpose. Make a Sunday folder. We have just implemented this too in our house.

Save money in envelopes. We budget our money in the envelope system. Davy Ramsey talks a lot about this concept. Make envelopes to save extra money that can be used for further expenditures. My husband and I have a joint bank account where we save our extra money and then withdraw or use that according to the situation we need.

So these are some tips that can make your mom-freelance life easier.

What’s mentioned during the show:

Shark Vacuum

Emeals App

Sunday Folder

Envelope system

Meal planning blog post

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