Episode 10 – 3 ways to Use the Voxer App

Episode 10 – 3 ways to Use the Voxer App

3 ways to Use the Voxer App

Voxer app is an incredible walkie talkie app that lets you interact with people around the world through voice and text messages. And there are fun emoji’s to share, too. You use it on your mobile device or in a computer browser. So, let’s see the ways using which we can use the Voxer App for your business success.

One, communication with clients.  Clients might be coaching clients or working client but we can use the Voxer app for communication with by different social media means like Facebook etc. Simple use is just you have to press the click button and start conveying the information. As, it is over you just have to click again the button and your information would be sent.

Second, accountability for yourself in the colleagues in the Freelance world. Accountability is about working to meet your daily goals of freelance community while never losing sight of how they’ll get you to your bigger, yearly goals. If you don’t track your progress, as a freelancer, you won’t really see it when it’s happening, because here’s the other thing with freelance life: you won’t always hit your daily goals.

Third, response is faster. Response time using Voxer App is faster than social media means and that’s the reason you can communicate faster through this App and can solve problem, share information or whatever you want to do using Voxer App.

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