Episode 16- Mindset in Business: Abundance, Pirouettes, and The Fit Factor with Elizabeth Hanes, RN

Episode 16- Mindset in Business: Abundance, Pirouettes, and The Fit Factor with Elizabeth Hanes, RN

It’s a Masterclass on Mindset in Business! The guest, Elizabeth Hanes, talks about abundance, the client #fitfactor, and pirouetting vs pivoting.

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Elizabeth Hanes RN is the nurse who knows content. As CEO of Hanes Healthcare
Communications, she specializes in producing marketing content that forges an emotional connection with the target audience while also keeping the Googlebot happy.

Website – Hanes Healthcare Communications

Email – beth@haneshealthcontent.com


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How to Have the Right Mindset in Business

The abundance of friends may seem like a good thing, but when it comes to wasting time or buying gifts, it can be overwhelming. Select the eye-level point or object in the room to return your eyes to. Changing your space mid-term can be disastrous! Spotting too slowly or with too much force can disrupt this speed. Pay attention to the musical rhythm of the twist and think of each rotation as a pearl of a necklace, each with its own distinct identity, defined by a spot.

Being able to put your body in the “right” position, and being able to make minor adjustments during the turn, you know how to tie all the “physical pieces” together, and they all add to the mix. ۔Someone needs to feel a sense of energy when pushing downward in a strong helper leg while lifting the foot. From a physics standpoint analyze your parachute and what forces are needed to maintain your balance.

The direct and immediate action of the toe tip under the center of the toe body should be light and fast. The toe of the toe is stretching above the toe – both are moving along the heel and the upper knee has raised a lot of noise.

Elizabeth is a great writer, and always, to me, seems to have all the right mindset in business figured out.

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