Episode 22 – Five Savvy Strategies to Prepare for an Encore Career as a Health Writer

Episode 22 – Five Savvy Strategies to Prepare for an Encore Career as a Health Writer

Carol shares 5 savvy strategies she employed while preparing for an Encore Career as a health writer.

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Is being a health writer the right path for you?

I am grateful for being able to write and create a business. Now, I continue my journey as a podcast host and mentor to high performing health writers, who have been extremely satisfying and creative in my life. For those of you who are looking for or preparing for a transition into an undercover career that involves writing and creating content. Today, I would like to present five strategies that I am confident of It helped me to make the change a success.

After transitioning to a primary career as a writer, learn what you need to contribute to both salary and benefits. This could include increased work hours, changes in deductions, increased contributions. Actually, working with hope is how I first learned the power of mutual support. It’s a complete podcast episode in itself! Seriously, we worked together to develop our two-year transition plan.

I have been fortunate enough to partner with several local and regional health associations and started offering webinars about content creation – writing and blogging – as a nurse. This was a great way to start your daily writing habit… .and start connecting with other writers! I also invested in LinkedIn training and started following and interacting with nurse bloggers, health writers and managing editors on Twitter.

As a small business owner and a small business owner I read everything about getting my hands on writing and blogging! I attended a local workshop focused on marketing as an investment in myself and my writing career.  Identity changes can be troubling with career changes, and a positive way to cope with getting involved in moving to a new “brand”.

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