Episode 32 – Holiday Surprise

Welcome to Savvy Scribe podcast and Today, I will tell you the tips through which you can grow your business in 2020. First, let’s talk about the course content. I have update all the course content in the form of tweets, power points and images too. I have checked all the links that they are working or not.

We are promoting this course, through social media like Facebook and join our Facebook community page and help others regarding to healthcare market. Even though, if you have questions then ask questions there too, we will help you there. Some of the questions I will discuss here, today.

First question is about suggestions related to laptop, that desktop is about to crashed and for portability, I want to purchase a laptop, so, any suggestions. I recommend you to purchase that one which you like. Second question is that, I am a part time nurse and I want to have quick win podcast, so, any suggestions. My answer to this was that just join our collaborative Facebook group and collaborate with others or see the content there that we have uploaded like live sessions, power point slides etc and I hope that her question is cleared and she understand about that.

As it was holiday surprise, so the surprise will be after holiday’s because as you all know holidays are very busy with family or have to complete some pending projects etc. So, we are going to launch new courses so, wait till 8th January.

Thanks for listening this podcast. Keep in touch with for further podcasts. For questions, email us or post that on our collaborative community Facebook page.

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