Episode 35 – Batching Work – The Optimal Way to Productivity

Episode 35 – Batching Work – The Optimal Way to Productivity

Today I bring you all things batching, from your life to your business, what to do (and stop doing) to make your processes a streamlined effort into getting things done.

Batching Work to Achieve Productivity

I dive into topics like the Pomodoro technique (tomato-timer.com), my hour of power concept, making lists for life batching like cooking, cleaning, going to the gym, and how to do it around working 12-hour shifts. How I use Instacart and Walmart grocery to save me time in my week. I also dive into the business side of things like how I use batching work in writing, podcasting, client work, and emailing.

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The first thing you have to stop is multitasking, because, multitasking will not help you to achieve your goals or in getting things done. If you are working on a project, at the same time, you have to do other task and you do such task in taking a short break than your focus will be distracted. After 25- 30 minutes working on project, you began to think about the pending work.

Consider batching work to save time, remove mental stress to achieve productivity:

The author of the email 4-Hour Workweek, Tim Ferris, claims he has received more than 300 emails per hour during his book seller’s climb to the top. Nevertheless, he replies to the email once a day. What is your excuse?

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