Episode 36 -When should I plan my week?

How to Plan your Week to be productive

Planning your week will help you SO much with conquering more in your business, and in life. This quick win episode came from a question from our of our members of the Savvy Scribe Collective asking how to plan your week to be productive. I hope you enjoy it!

I spend all of my time working at home or with family not in shopping at grocery store. For grocery shopping, I just use online shopping stores that ship my order. In this podcast, we will answer a question that is asked to me. I am again saying that you can ask me question at any time if you have any issue I will answer your question in the form of podcast as, today, I am giving. You can send your questions to me via email on official mail of Savvy Scribe.

Now coming towards the question, a question is asked that When should I plan my week? If you are thinking to plan your week on Monday, then, no don’t plan it on Monday, because on Monday your week starts. So, I plan my week on Friday night or Sunday night. Because on Friday, I complete my week tasks and plan out what to do in the next week. I plan my week by using google digital calendar for my schedule because, I scheduled my plan on google calendar.

Meeting schedules and everything related to my daily work is scheduled on google calendar. After making plan, I categorize the whole plan in to four categories business, family etc. As I categorize them and then I decide which is going to be execute at first. After that I batch the most similar things together and then complete my plan. And that’s the reason, I make my plan on Friday night or Sunday night.

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