Episode 37- $1K Days, Can You Conquer It? Amelia Roberts from Solutions by Amelia Shares Her Secrets!

Welcome Savvy Scribes! Today’s guest is Amelia Roberts from solutionsbyamelia.com and thebusinessofnursing.com. She is a nurse, but also an expert in internet business! She shares with us her secret on how she was able to conquer $1K on her business.

Conquering $1K

Today, Amelia shares some highlights like conquering $1K plus a lot more!

  • How to get unrecognized professionals booked as guest experts
  • How to get visible without being on social media
  • How to find opportunities to speak about what’s important to you
  • How to find and articulate your unique value

I thought having Amelia as our guest syncs well with the upcoming “Plan, Create, Launch, Land, and Grow your health writing business” course.

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Mentioned in this episode:
Pitch Tracker
Que platform
Donald Miller’s Storybranding

Connect with Amelia –> https://www.linkedin.com/in/ameliaroberts/ and learn how to conquer your own $1K!

Amelia Roberts is a digital native who officially became a practitioner of online marketing twelve years ago with a role as a virtual assistant. Student loans from nursing school inspired her to put her love of observing human nature, showing empathy and previous marketing experience to work in new ways and as a result, she was able to pay off her student loans in under 2 years. 

Now alongside other roles, you can find Amelia helping under-recognized professionals stand out and more “get first dates” in business so that they can become thought leaders in the healthcare industry and beyond. 

When she is not optimizing human potential Amelia enjoys planning real and imagined food tours.

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