Episode 39 – 18 Years as a Medical Writer with 17 Different Peer- reviewed Magazines and more with Sharon Hohler, BSN

Savvy Scribes! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to hear the interview with medical writer, Sharon Hohler, BSN. She has been a writer since 2002 and has written for several publications!

Some Topics from Medical Writer Sharon Hohler, BSN

1. How to handle an editors opinion
2. Where to find and connect with writers besides on the Savvy Scribe Collective
3. How to become identified on LinkedIn
4. How to become a medical writer
5. And even her favorite places to travel and advice on how to stay married ;-)Y

You can find her on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sharonehohler/

As well as send her an email if you want sharonehohler@gmail.com 

You can buy her books on Amazon:

Arthritis: A Patient’s Guide (McFarland Health Topics)

Caregiver’s Guide: Care for Yourself While You Care for Your Loved Ones (McFarland Health Topics) by Sharon E. Hohler (2011-11-21)

There are some tips that can make you a better writer like:

  • Write Every day, Even if it’s a single paragraph.
  • Read Every day.
  • Exercise every day.
  • Develop a routine of writing.
  • Work and Re-work and take a short break to avoid distraction.

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