Episode 40- Repurpose Content- One blog 5 different ways

Did you know you can take one blog post and use it for a variety of different content upgrades? Once you create a post, you can up level it, to an entirely different content upgrade! Though, not all pieces of content work the same on different social platforms. Today we talk about how to repurpose content for a small business.

How to Repurpose Content for a Small Business

Repurposing content sounds like a complete cop-out. Take existing content, rewrite it a bit, add in some up-to-date stats and facts, and give it a new visual. In this podcast episode, we will see how to repurpose content so that we can use the same content for different purposes.

Repurpose content is like to upgrade the content according to situation. One blog post can be used in 5 different ways by upgrading the blog post or repurpose blog post content. Let’s take an example. Suppose you want to introduce a brand on social media websites, then how you will represent that in different ways.

If we talk about Facebook, we just add hashtags along with captions along the post and add some pictures or video if want to add. Similarly, if we talk about websites, then we use the SEO optimized content so that your content should be on the top. For LinkedIn, we have to make a standard profile that can attract the ideal client towards you. For this purpose, you can share your profile into groups related to your niche so that same niche people can interact. So, in this way, we can use the same blog content in different ways.

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