Episode 41 – Defining Your Ideal Customer Profile with Amanda Guarniere

Savvy Scribes! Today I have Amanda Guarniere with me talking all about finding your ideal customer profile and determining a profitable niche to serve well (oh, and how your resume should look in 2020). 

Ideal Customer Profile

In this episode, we dive deep into what Amanda’s ideal customer profile looks like. She targets nurses and found the social platform that works for the group she’s targeting. I also find this as a difficulty a lot of entrepreneurs have is the social platform their audience hangs out on. Remember, you don’t have to be in “All the places”, and Amanda reminds us of that. 

I love that Amanda has found her non bedside nurse job. Writing resumes doesn’t sound like it would appeal to most people, which has helped Amanda really niche down into her specialty. She didn’t jump right into her nurse side job, but she did grow quickly.

Amanda is a busy mom of twins and a new baby, as well as a Yale graduate (you’ll hear me call her smarty pants 😉 ) with a dual board certification in Adult NP and Women’s Health NP. Beyond THAT, she owns a profitable business called The Resume Rx https://www.theresumerx.com/ where she offers Custom 1:1 services (résumé writing, job strategy mentorship) and digital products (résumé templates, online courses). 

You can connect with Amanda Guarniere on LinkedIn, Instagram (@theresumerx), and on Facebook.

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