Episode 43: Your Profitable Market with The Stay At Home Nurse, Deanna Gillingham, RN

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Today’s episode is with my friend, Deanna Gillingham. Deanna has QUITE a story from how she started her business as a stay at home nurse – there’s more on that.

The Stay At Home Nurse – Deanna

This episode dives into Deaanna’s journey:
– Starting from her first job
– All her nursing experience
– How she started the Case management institute
– How you should focus on a small market ( because that’s how she started and grew her business)
– The 5-year itch she always gets 🙂
– How to find your profitable market
– The best piece of advice she gives about owning your own business
– What advice she gives about where to find where your audience “hangs out”
– All about her new podcast “The Stay At Home Nurse” and how you can be a part of the tribe!
– How she has helped me grow my business and publish my Book

What you should do:

Subscribe to Deanna’s New Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-stay-at-home-nurse/id1495084649

Pitch her: https://thestayathomenurse.com/write-for-us/

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