Episode 45: Follow Your Passion – And Establish Mindset With Meredith Brow, RN

Episode 45: Follow Your Passion – And Establish Mindset With Meredith Brow, RN

Hey there Tribe! Today I have Merideth Brow on the show talking all things mindset (which we ALL should be doing). She provides us some inspirations on how to follow your passion even during the overwhelming pandemic news we encounter every day.

Recently, with the outbreak of COVID-19, people are slowing down in their content writing businesses and focusing on other projects like:

  • building their website
  • reading good business books
  • and taking courses.

That’s why today’s episode fits!

How to Follow Your Passion and Establish Mindset

I had a great conversation with her about following your passion and realizing how mindfulness can work with western medicine, which seems to make nurses skeptical.

She is also teaching mindfulness courses through Chamberlain University, her course is co-taught with her friend, Tom. What’s so cool about this is that it is part of the BSN program (oh I sure could have used that back in the day.)

They also just released a new course called “Stress Less for the Nclex”!

You can find that, and their other courses at Smarthwp.com.

Her main course is an 8-week hybrid course, they have different modules, one for each week, given to the university. This course covers mindfulness topics, resilience strategy to go along with that topic, and they also have a team that specializes in certain components of the course to make the students much more resilient. The following week they have a segment on mindful moments and a nutritionist that does the segment of mindful eating. Next is mindful movements, the strategy is physical activity, they have Amy a personal instructor and fitness instructor to present.

This course also talks about compassion meditation and social support. They have students to examine and look into whether or not their positive or more on straining relationship with those people that they consider as a support system.

The best piece of advice that Merideth can give to anyone starting a business or starting an idea that they want to grow: “Follow your passion.” Something that you really and something that helped you. The reason she chose her graduate study on this subject is that she felt burnt out. At first, she’s a little skeptical but once she started practicing mindfulness, it was a complete game-changer! It made experiences with her career much better, it helps balance her work and life, and she decided to pursue this because it is valuable and underutilized.

She officially stepped away from the bedside in September, and at the moment she is teaching anything from fundamentals to OBE for two Universities.

And now she is also working on her new website Strongrn.com. Her goal in mind is to create an online community where nurses learn and support from one another. Basically, it’s a place for nurses to gather and share ideas because she also learned a lot from other nurses she encountered.

I’ve never done this before, but this 2020 I’m inspired to set a word and it should be INTENTION. And I think it has to be intentional with mindfulness, an exercise which can be part of that, and even finances.

Others mentioned on the show:

Bodyfit by Amy

How to find Merideth: Facebook And SMARThwp.com

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