Episode 50: Time Management Tips for Writers with Laura Briggs – The Freelance Writing Coach, Speaker, Author, and Content Writer

Laura Briggs is the host of the podcast Advanced Freelancing. Don’t miss the time management tips that she is going to share with us!

“With a focus on crushing the online business scene, Laura and her guests discuss very practical tips and strategies for everything from creative entrepreneurship and location independence to digital marketing and building sustainable biz systems.”

She also has a book Start Your Own Freelance Writing Business, the complete guide to starting and scaling from scratch.

Laura is a freelance writer who launched her business in 2012 and scaled in 18 months to six figures. She is someone I deeply admire in this industry and follow religiously.

Time Management Tips for Writers

In this episode, we talk about SO many things.
– One of the big takeaways is specific time management hacks for writers to write faster
– How she’s taken her business from the ground up
….and SO much more

Enjoy the show, try to apply these time management tips from the pro herself, and if you like what you are hearing, let’s continue the conversation in our FB group: The Savvy Scribe Collective.

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