Episode 52: How to Get Published with Paul Murphy

Episode 52: How to Get Published with Paul Murphy

Episode 52: Where to Start When You are New to Writing and How to Get Published with Paul Murphy

Paul Murphy and I met on LinkedIn, not too long ago, but have shared many laughs in our conversations leading up to today’s episode, good places to start on how to get published.

Paul is a paramedic turned teacher who then advanced himself to management and leadership throughout his career. Now, he writes and is a consultant. We cover a lot in this episode, so grab a pen!
We start with
– His background
– When and why did he start writing? (Nerd alert haha)
– Where to start when you are new to writing and how to get published
– Redlines, Redlines, Redlines (oh those editors!)
– Where to find clients
– Where Paul is transitioning to in his writing for fun side

We mention the episode with Sharon: https://thesavvyscribepodcast.com/2020/02/04/episode-39/ when we were talking about networking.

You can find Paul on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paulmurphy5280/
and on his website

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