Episode 55: Becoming a better leader and Business Owner with Antonette Montalvo MSN,PNP-BC,BSN,RN,BA

On Today’s episode, we have Antonette Montalvo,  a nurse practitioner turned business owner, to share her tips on becoming a better leader and starting your own business.  She is so incredibly inspiring to nurses and those who want to go into business.

How to Become a Better Leader and Business Owner

In this episode we go through:
– Antonette’s career path up until now
– The advice she has on how all nurses can be leaders, even without being a preceptor or charge nurse
– How to help nurses become leaders
– Tips to help build your business
– How to build your skill set to be a better leader

You can find Antonette over on LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/antonette-montalvo/
Her website www.visionarynurse.com
and Twitter

In this episode, we also mention:
Deanna Gillngham and her new podcast: The Stay At Home Nurse
BizChix podcast
oh, and how we want everyone to be kind 😉

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