Episode 60: Grow by learning to delegate in your freelance writing business

In this Savvy Scribe Episode, I talk all about OUTSOURCING. It saves my life when started to delegate tasks that I don’t have time to do or I just hate to do.

– What is it?
– Who does it?
– Can you as a freelance business owner do it?
– What about as a parent/spouse?
– Can you outsource with no money?

things to delegate

What are the things that you can delegate?

I mention the things I outsource and an approach on how to do it for yourself.
Then, I dive into her personal life and shares tips on what I outsource in the home.

Mentioned in the episode:
Instacart – Give $10 Get $10 code : https://inst.cr/t/NzV5bFVJOHJI JKELBACH15F
Walmart Grocery

What (if anything) do you outsource?

Fun fact: Learning the right strategies to delegate has made my mom-freelance life easier!

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