Episode 68: Health Insurance for the Freelance Writer with Experts Ruddy and Jim

Episode 68: Health Insurance for the Freelance Writer with Experts Ruddy and Jim

Today’s episode features James Puszert and Ruddy Hernandez from the US Health Advisors Group. They tackle why freelance writers need health insurance and the essential details they should know to apply for it.

Freelance Writer Health Insurance

Freelance Writer Health Insurance

I took some of your questions about Freelance Health Writer insurance and asked the experts such as:

  • What are the options freelancers have?
  • What are some sources to stay up to date for health insurance?
  • Am I required to sign up for Medicare at 65 even if I have another source of insurance?
  • How should I compare other plans?
  • What rates should I expect to pay?

Links are in the show notes for more information about USHealth Advisors

email: Ruddy.hernandez@USHAdvisors.com



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