Tired of looking for a qualified health writer?

Tired of looking for a qualified health writer?

You’ve found your one-stop-shop for evidence-based content, created by Licensed Health Professional Writers.


How do nurse health writers help you?

Well, every client has different needs, but let me try to summarize the benefits:

  • You train/lay out your needs for me, and I train/pass it on to the writers
  • You get your content (blog articles etc) delivered directly from me, not several writers
  • I pay the writers so you never have to worry about those W9s or more contracts
  • The nurse writers I work with use bylines – so they have samples and you have Google on your side — note: if you want ghostwriter content, we can do that too.
  • I vet all my writers to be the best writers and only the writers I know I can trust

Our “Done for you” content solutions to grow your:

  • Audience
  • Traffic
  • Customers

How does it work?

Phase 1

Intro and Interviewing

I’ll interview you to understand your customers, plan your topic bucket calendar, and hear exactly what you envision for your content goals.

Phase 2

The Planning

You’re done, for now 🙂 I take it to my team and we handle creating content calendars, social media planning, and writing it all.

Phase 3

The Launch

My team and I work to prepare you the best launch you’ve ever had. Within 10-14 days your content will polished and live to be shared.

Phase 4

Rinse and Repeat

We check-in quarterly to make sure your mission and vision are being fulfilled and any content visions you want to include.


What are your rates?

The number one question. Check out the packages below.

We do a-la-carte options as well because I know a lot of companies have content managers and marketing that take care of a lot of the things we do.

If I wanted 10 articles, what would the turn around be?

We can set up some custom pricing for you through the a-la-carte options

Do you work on retainer or one-off projects?

We do both, but I prefer retainer.

Can your writers pitch?

Of course, they can. There is a pitch fee for that service, but we can have writers pitch and you can “claim” your favorites!

Who writes the content?

Only nurses and other medical professionals who have experience at the bedside and health writers who are growing their businesses. I also do some of the writing.

Can I see samples?

Ofcourse. Email me and I will be happy to share.

Why nurse or other medical professional writers?

According to the Google EAT strategy, to get your work ranked in the land of Google, you should have an expert in the field write it. That’s where nurses come in. Also, nurses understand the profession more than anyone else. Nurses also are teachers, we take our bedside knowledge and translate it into patient-friendly language.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

To guarantee satisfaction, I would be more than happy to provide one article to start if you would like. We feel confident in our services that we know you will want more from us.

To get started, fill out the form because and I will schedule time with you to chat.

Once you decide to get started, we will START.

No delays!

You can then focus on your other duties and projects in your queue….Think of this as your one-stop-shop for content.

Monthly Pricing

  • Monthly pricing includes:
  • • Content topics and feature images
  • • Email newsletters – 2/month
  • • Social media posting – 2 posts/week
  • • Set up of blog post to WP – 2 articles/mo
  • • 2 – 800 word articles/month
  • Monthly pricing includes:
  • • Content topics and feature images
  • • Content upgrades  
  • • Email newsletters – 3/month
  • • Social media posting – 10 posts/month
  • • Set up of blog post to WP – 3 articles/month
  • • 3 – 800 word articles/month
  • FREEBIE: one month free content calendar (customized for the client’s brand) that he could also use in the future
  • Monthly pricing includes:
  • • Content topics and feature images
  • • Content upgrades  
  • • Email newsletters – 4/month
  • • Social media posting – 5 posts/WEEK
  • • Set up of blog post to WP – 4 articles/month
  • • 4 – 800-word articles/month
  • FREEBIE: free content calendar, creation of 5 branded hashtags, 3 Instagram Stories/week

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