Need a Health Writer – who is also a Nurse?

I get it, health niche writers are hard to find.

Nurse Writers are almost impossible to find.

You’ve found your one-stop-shop for content.

How do nurse health writers help you?

Well, every client has different needs, but let me try to summarize the benefits:

  • You train/lay out your needs for me, and I train/pass it on to the writers
  • You get your content (blog articles etc) delivered directly from me, not several writers
  • I pay the writers so you never have to worry about those W9s or more contracts
  • The nurse writers I work with use bylines – so they have samples and you have Google on your side — note: if you want ghostwriter content, we can do that too.
  • I vet all my writers to be the best writers and only the writers I know I can trust

Top 10 Questions about nurse health writers

The video below can help you with some question, but to summarize:

What are your rates?

The number one question. It all depends on your needs, but I will tell you, we are not a content mill. My writers seek a fair amount. If you are looking for $5 articles, without nurse expertise, you can check out

If I wanted 10 articles, what would the turn around be?

10 days. 10 Days is the turn around time from the time you send me the assignments until delivery back to you. If you wanted 1 article, it would be the same. The beauty of multiple writers is that the content can be spread out, and more can be delivered.

Do you work on retainer or one-off projects?

We do both, but I prefer retainer.

Can your writers pitch?

Ofcourse they can. There is a pitch fee for that service, but we can have writers pitch and you can “claim” your favorites!

Who writes the content?

Only nurses who have experience as an RN at the bedside and nurse writers who are growing their businesses. I also do some of the writing.

Can I see samples?

Ofcourse. Email me and I will be happy to share.

Why nurse writers?

According to the Google EAT strategy, to get your work ranked in the land of Google, you should have an expert in the field write it. That’s where nurses come in. Also, nurses understand the profession more than anyone else. Nurses also are teachers, we take our bedside knowledge and translate it into patient friendly language.

Guarantee Satisfaction

To guarantee satisfaction, I would be more than happy to provide one article to start if you would like. We feel confident in our services that we know you will want more from us.

To get started, fill out the form because and I will schedule time with you to chat.

Once you decide to get started, we will START. No delays! You cna then focus on your other duties and projects in your que….Think of this as your one-stop-shop for content.

Let’s see what past clients say:

“Janine has been an excellent addition to our content creation engine. She’s been clear, prompt, and effective at queuing up and executing on our blog article tasks. I’m really enjoying working with her and excited to continue to do so.”

John, Marketing @ Trusted Health

“Janine and her team of writers were so easy to work with. I passed off the idea to Janine and within a day we had several interested writers and topics to develop on. The team met the deadline and provided valuable content at a great price.”

Brooke – Allied Telesis

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