Plan, Create, Launch, Land and Grow Your Health Writing Business Course

The ULTIMATE Course for Nurses who want to become profitable health writers.

  • Are you stuck in your job, tired and burnt out more than ever?
  • Do you want to help your patients…with your words?
  • Have you thought about writing, but don’t know where to start?

Are you ready??

This is your five-part strategic course to help you land your first paid gig is less than 90 days (or sooner if you are motivated!)

This course is for you if you are:

  • A highly motivated aspiring health writer
  • Trying to land your first gig ready to learn foundational business skills.
  • Starting out or under $1000/mo profit
  • Ready to distinguish what is working and let go of what’s not
  • Loving the idea of short, mini, action-filled modules 
  • Able to set aside time for training and homework.
  • Strong and ambitious, but open to a challenge.
  • The Imperfect business owner

No need to participate if you:

  • Want to keep your business at the size and scope it is right now.
  • Avoid and do not think of yourself as coachable or teachable.
  • Not seeking to expand your network or grow your business.

Take it from me…

Janine Kelbach

You see I am committed to helping you move your business forward because I have been there. 

I get it.

Life is so busy, distracting, and many of us are burned out trying to work too many hours at the healthcare job and are ready for a change.

Back in 2015, I started my writing business, being the researcher and motivated to be home with my babies, I had to find something that I loved. Writing was it. Then, my business grew to a level that I was able to help others.

I am here to help you so you feel prepared for your first gig, your next client, and help you grow as a true CEO of YOUR own health writing business.

I’ve worked with hundreds of freelancers since 2017, and happy to say hundreds of healthcare professionals are growing their businesses and saying “hello” to their new (and last) prn job. 

Their experience has shown that those at the part-time level reach their goals faster when they have clear strategies & action steps.

I also know that having solid training to help define your niche, and set up systems that form a strong foundation, can greatly impact the ease of managing accelerated growth in your business.  

Belonging to a community where other freelancers are also learning to become better CEOs and have the same goals as you is powerful.



Instantly, you will create a profile and dive right into the on-demand content.


Videos are short, but actionable.


I promised you action, and this is where you take ACTION! Follow along with the courses and use the workbook to help you.


When you join before December 31,2020, you will get access to the accountability Group, the Implementation Co-op where we go through each lesson and dive deeper with live training, Q&A and more!


savvy digital planner

Digital planners are amazing! I created one JUST for you! With this course, you get free access!



When you graduate, you receive 2.1 CEUs!


Every day, I am talking to clients who want nurses to write their content. I subcontract paid writing jobs with my graduates in order for them to start building their portfolio.


The Savvy Scribe Insiders Group is only for those who graduated the program and want to help give and get valuable feedback on their work. Also, this is where I share behind the scene podcast interviews and live events.


When you graduate, I will personally send you a free gift (because who doesn’t like presents?)



How often can I ask questions?

How can I get EVEN more?

How long will I have access to the content? Will the course expire? 

Are you guaranteeing I will land a paying gig at the end of the course?


It will be a course where YOU are in charge. If you have questions about freelance writing, just email me at hello@thesavvyscribepodcast.com

Read all my blog posts on writern.net, follow me on Linkedin, listen to the Savvy Scribe Podcast, and Join the Facebook Savvy Scribe Collective Group 

This course is a lifetime course! You will always have access to the content. I will be tweaking, adding to it, and recording new content so once you’re in, you’re in for everything that’s waiting for you now.

I don’t offer guarantees in any of our programs however, I believe this is a tested method for achieving a paying gig when you are focused, teachable, and committed.

Writers who are vetted on after they take the course, make money.

Since this is a go-at-your-own-pace course, it will differ for everyone on how fast things happen. I recommend you listen to the module once or twice, spend time completing the handouts and action-items. You can pause during your busy hospital/clinic weeks, take the modules on the road, and replay a lesson when you need to.

Once you enroll, I will refund your money in 10 days if you are not satisfied. Please reach out to me if you have concerns and want to cancel.

Not ready to buy yet? That’s ok! Join the email list for updates on episodes, live events, and more!


“Hey, tribe! I just wanted to say that if any of you haven’t taken the Savvy Scribe Growth Lab, but have thought about it, it is more than worth it! I am learning so much and the actionable tips help me to see how I really can make it all come together. The fact that it is a lifetime membership makes it even better because I know I will review it again in the future to renew my focus. Great job, Janine!“

Angela C.

“I really enjoyed the simple lessons and printables. The content and tips are very relevant and have started me off on the right foot. I am thankful I can refer back to the course if I need a refresher.“

Anna G.

“I love the enthusiasm of each module and for Plan the breakdown was easy to follow. For someone who is completely new to the world of health writing, there were parts that I was thinking “Wait, I have no idea what that means”, but it is presented in a way that makes me ready to learn more.”

Anna L.

“This course is rich in content and worth every penny I invested. The downloads are valuable and can be used as a personalized workbook. Janine answered questions I had and questions I hadn’t thought to ask. Her organizational advice and recommendation of helping apps are very useful. The information provided in this course is well presented and it is not easy to find if you are trying to do it yourself as you go along. Excellent course! I highly recommend it.”

Lorilea J.

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